Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celcius Wimps

Is it just me or or are people stampeding out to plug in their cars at -15C while thinking in Fahrenheit???  That is minus 20 NOT 15 below!~! It is not even below zero F until -19C my friends.  yMy neighbor had her car plugged in the other day when it was -10C and a friend phoned me yesterday and the first words out of her mouth was "IT'S 20 BELOW !!"   I guess by now you have guessed the age group of the crowd I hang with........well I don't choose your friends do I??............ I guess they could be called the "Fahrenheit Generation".  I think it's the biggest misinformation conspiracy since someone tried to tell me that my ancestors lived in trees.  Power companies are just having a free for all and not in any hurry at all to help my senior friends save any nickels and  that's sure.

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