Monday, December 6, 2010

Human Nature

I think this speaks for many of us sad though it may be but extremely insightful.


It was spring,
But it was summer I wanted,
The warm days,
And the great outdoors.

It was summer,
But it was fall that I wanted,
The colorful leaves,
And the cool, dry air.

It was fall,
But it was winter I wanted,
The beautiful snow,
And the joy of the holiday season.

It was winter,
But it was spring I wanted,
The freedom,
And the respect.

I was 20,
But it was 30 I wanted,
To be mature,
And sophisticated.

I was middle-aged,
But it was 20 I wanted,
The youth,
And the free spirit.

I was retired,
But it was middle age I wanted,
The presence of mind,
Without limitations.

My life was over.
But I never got what I wanted.

Written by 14 year old Jason Lehman

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