Saturday, April 30, 2011

The rain started late in the afternoon yesterday and it got colder and colder until the rain became snow and it was a white out all night and most of the morning with 60-80K winds. It was a wild, wet and windy night and this is what greeted me outside my kitchen this morning.  There was ice and snow covering the windows and could hardly see out first thing today. Travel was not advised in this area.
The lawn chairs could easily have been IN my kitchen if anyone of those pointy legs turned this way!  I barely slept as the winds howled so much it didn't matter which room I tried to sleep in.  I tried leaving a radio on, earplugs and even a pill but nothing worked.  The power went on and off a number of times causing all sorts of computer beeps and flashing lights which didn't help any either.   It's 2 PM now and and I dare say the winds are still about 50k and talk about cabin fever...I just wish I was deaf today I'm sure I'll hear that wind tonight even if there is none!.  I couldn't very well bake anything or wash clothes because I'd be in a fix if the power went out so I feel I really wasted a day.  I think I will vacuum the living room and do some dusting so I can at least feel somewhat productive today.  I have reading to catch up on and I'd better do it in the daylight as well.

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