Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am so in love with my new Windows 7 computer!~!  I did not realize just how awful my 4 year old was until I replaced it.  Good riddance!!
There are so many features that are better than what I had and oodles I have yet to discover I'm sure.  I love Picasa now where as before it competed with a very old program that I was emotionally involved with!  I decided not to install it until I really looked into Picasa and while we are not totally bosom buddies yet I can see a great future for us both.
I find Windows 7 very user friendly compared to the XP version and believe you me I need  'user friendly' everything tech.
On Tuesday my Blackberry calendar froze up, not a pretty  sight!!  Because my old computer would not work with the BB device manager installed I could not restore to default and retrieve it.  So I got that done yesterday by a very nice fellow at a local business that sells them and there was no charge.  Yesterday was definitely a good day all around.

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