Saturday, July 16, 2011


Another boy making his momma proud.  
Not only did he steal from strangers he duped his wife out of everything and now she lives in a garage.

Warrant issued for alleged B.C. cancer faker

A judge has issued a bench warrant for a British Columbia man accused of defrauding people of over a million dollars by pretending he had cancer.

Douglas Clark, 64, was scheduled to appear in a B.C. courtroom this week. When the Burnaby man didn't show up, the judge issued a warrant for his arrest.
Clark faces 13 counts of fraud related to allegations that he duped dozens of people into giving him money after telling them he was dying of cancer.
He reportedly wore a military uniform while soliciting money and told alleged victims that the Canadian Forces had abandoned him in his time of need.
The alleged scheme came to the attention of police after a former friend acted on suspicions that Clark's cancer wasn't real.
Chuck Gale, one of the alleged victims, sold office supplies with Clark in the 1980s. Gale said the two had drifted apart until Clark showed up on his doorstep a few years ago with an emotional request.
"He was in tears and he told me that he needed money," Gale told CTV News. "He explained to me that he was dying of cancer."
Gale said he gave Clark $23,000 but soon grew wary of his story.
The first red flag appeared when Gale ran into Clark's wife and asked her how she was doing in light of her husband's sickness.
"She said ‘No, I'm absolutely fine. I'm broke. I'm living in a garage. I've been taken for everything."
The encounter prompted Gale to track down several other alleged victims, amass their stories and contact police.
Initially, police were unsure if Gale had enough evidence to charge Clark with fraud. He was advised to sue Clark in civil court instead.
After Clark refused to show up in court, Gale said he was forced to devise a plan.
Knowing Clark was a casino regular who would jump at a chance to win a prize, Gale stuck a court summons in a fake casino envelope.
"Strangely enough, he opened it, obeyed the summons, went to court and registered," Gale told CTV British Columbia. "At that point we had him."
Gale won his civil judgment and police finally became interested in the case.
The Crown charged Clark with 13 counts of fraud from more than 40 victims in June. Since then, four more people have come forward with a total of $500,000 in new claims.
Police labelled Clark as a fugitive after he skipped his first court date in July.
Clark allegedly made off with $1.5-million, the largest fraud case Maple Ridge, B.C. has ever seen.
Ridge Meadows RCMP Insp. Dave Fleugel said police are actively pursuing Clark's arrest.
"It's significant, it's prolific and we want Mr. Clark in custody," he told CTV News.

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