Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today was not a day of joy for me especially in the service sector of our fair city.  It seems that my entire day of expectations went down the tube very early on and it only got worse. I had the expectation of being occupied at a function for only one hour today instead of the usual two this morning and from a usually reliable source.  So one makes further plans accordingly right?  The function ran for two hours.  Okay that's fine so now I can continue my day right?........oops an invite to socialize while having lunch at the Chinese buffet.  I love Chinese food as a rule but lunch is not my big meal of the day so I missed the grand pigout that we all love at a smorg and opted for the salad bar instead.  Despite an intrusive television just above our table we were still quite able to shout at and to our friends over the political rhetoric of American politics and the occasional burst of gun fire from Syria.  As I was enjoying grazing through the vegetation of my salad plate I became aware of the wait staff's uniform of the day or lack of it....two of them were wearing short-shorts.
I'm not sure but there must be a health code violation there somewhere if only the unpleasant view of human flesh flashing before ones eyes in between swallows of red onions, lettuce and cucumber.  When one of them came to the till to take my money there was the added visual insult of a great deal of dust all over her black shorts.
I was only too glad to escape and get on with my now expected short excursion to the grocery store.  I needed about 4 items so I could make my annual Chocolate Zucchini muffins with the generous gift of said vegetable I get once a year.  Yesterday I made my annual Zucchini Parmesan muffins, a wonderful savory delight to enjoy with any soup.
I get to our local Co-op for this quick little in and out adventure only to find that they did not have 1% milk nor did they have the store brand butter and I was not going to pay $5 for what they had.  A GRRRRRR moment to be sure.  This now means I had to go to the 'other' store, the WholeSale which is huge and of course what I wanted was away at the back in a gigantic walk-in freezer that would make a polar bear feel quite at home.  Well my fur is somewhat thinner and the icy gale that emitteth from above does not make for a lovely shopping experience at any time. Before I got to the store I did stopped for gas--another cheerful moment just when I needed it the most--and got a discount of $1.02 on my impending grocery purchase.  The butter was $3.59, the milk $1.95 and minus $1.02 my purchases came to $4.52.  I finally had a reason to smile.
I didn't get home until 1:30 PM from what should have been an hour and a half at best but turned into three and a half hours of mostly vexation.  Tomorrow is another day.

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