Thursday, January 20, 2011

African Violet

I love the frilly edges of my pretty little African Violet which I bought for myself after I moved into my apartment in 2009.  It flowers nearly constantly which endears itself to me even more.  Years ago I used to have oodles of violets of every shape, size and color but the frillies were always my favorite.  So I have one violet now and have no desire for another.  Because of well meaning friends and my own lack of self control I have five plants now and they are all different.  I guess you could call them my winter garden and colorful too I might add.  Besides the violet, there is my ten year old Purple Oxalis with deep purple leaves and small lilac flowers, a geranium that gives me a red bundle of florets on a stem once in awhile,  a vine with green leaves variegated with a splash of yellow occasionally and a glossy green plant I call a Jade plant but I believe it is known by many names.

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