Saturday, January 22, 2011


Snow is getting me down in more ways than one.  Just today I was snowed by an email I thought was legitimate but later was told it was mostly untrue.  I spent a fair bit of time trying to trace the origin of the pictures and was fooled the second time when I thought I had found the source but maybe it was fooled too.  So if you get an email about Lead, S. Dakota's snowfall it's mostly New York pictures from 2007.  At least the pictures were real and they were awesome despite the misleading information.

 The bicycle in my backyard will not be free wheeling anytime soon this year.  I read an article about the snow woes of Regina, Saskatchewan.  Due to record snowfall levels the city has to go to new lengths and height to manage it all.  Normally the city's snow storage is piled up about 20 feet high.  With more snow having fallen to this point in the winter than ever before, some of those piles are upwards of 65 feet necessitating the use of bulldozers.  Some of it will still be around in July according to the city manager.

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