Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Bunch of Stuff

THUMBS DOWN:  Happening now on CBC Television is around the clock  broadcasting of something called VoicePrint.  It has it's place somewhere I'm sure but not on my television channel that I pay for.  Tele-vision get it? 
If this is something people want then it should have it's own channel as far as I'm concerned. 

THUMBS UP An article by Carmen Chai in Postmedia News calls for the restoration of prison work farms.  Some of the benefits such mentioned were that it offers inmates an opportunity to work with living things.  Research shows that the interaction has a calming and 'restorative' effect and helps to develop qualities such as respect, empathy, responsibility and dependability as examples.  The last of six prison farms closed last August affecting some 300 prisoners who worked on them citing operation losses.  80% of offenders serving sentences of two years of more in Canada's 57 federal prisons have alcohol or drug problems.  The report was made by Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the Federal Correctional System and urges that priority be given to improve how it handles mental health issues:  The authors say the prison environment is harmful to mental health.

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