Monday, March 28, 2011

Canada's Best Sports Secret

Anette Norberg's Rink Steals The Show

It would seem that this story is being buried like a curling rock. If you were looking for the story yesterday or today the news of it is as scarce as the old adage says ' hen's teeth'! 
At the very least a' Bravo' and 'Jolly Good Show' for Amber and her crew should have beeen splashed all over every newspaper in the land. I managed to finally dig this up in the Toronto Sun and the picture in the National Post. It's amazing how fast fans cool off in the face of defeat.  The media whips up the fan base to a frenzy and then if they don't produce they aren't even worth yesterday's headline.
It was a good and enjoyable ride Amber! 

Canada's Holland loses to Swedes Curling Sports Toronto Sun

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