Thursday, April 7, 2011



The following is just a partial list of fish that that many restaurants are beginning to take notice of in an effort to raise the consciousness of the consumer to the facts of life regarding the world we live in today. With many species on the brink of extinction it's the smart and responsible thing to do.  The more the consumer becomes aware of their part in sustaining the elements of this planet the better off we will all be for it.

Organization Market nameRatingLocationRead
Atlantic SalmonAvoidAtlantic Ocean
Alaska King Crab, Red King Crab, Golden King Crab, KaniThink twiceUnited States
Yellow CroakerThink twiceChina
Flathead FishAvoidSouth China Sea
High Finned GrouperAvoidAsia
Leopard Coral GrouperBest choiceAustralia
Tiger GrouperAvoidSoutheast Asia
HaddockThink twiceAtlantic
Silver PomfretThink twiceSouth China Sea, including Hong Kong waters
Ling CodThink twiceAtlantic Ocean
Skate, Imitation Scallops, Raja FishAvoidUS Atlantic
Common Skate, Blue Skate, White SkateAvoidAtlantic
Red King Crab, Blue King CrabAvoidRussia
Sea UrchinBest choiceSouth China Sea
Cuttle FishAvoidSouth China Sea, including Hong Kong waters
Atlantic SalmonThink twiceNorway
Atlantic SalmonAvoidAtlantic
Atlantic Salmon, Farmed SalmonAvoidAtlantic Ocean
HairtailAvoidSouth China Sea
Common Octopus, TakoAvoidWorldwide
King MackerelBest choiceSouth China Sea, including Hong Kong waters
Yellowfin TunaThink twiceWorldwide
Skipjack Tuna, Aku, Canned Light Tuna, Bonito, KatsuoThink twiceWorldwide
Humphead WrasseAvoidSoutheast Asia
Tilapia, IzunidiaThink twiceCentral America
Tilapia, IzunidiaAvoidChina, Taiwan

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