Sunday, September 11, 2011


MONDAY--Thank goodness it's a holiday so I can stay home!~!
TUESDAY--Grocery trip this morning and my friend and I arrived in the parking lot just in time for her help me carry them in.  That'll teach her to holler hello from the other end of the building!!  I was a bit under the weather since Sunday evening so I welcomed the help and another day of not doing very much else.  Tomorrow is another day.
WEDNESDAY--I had a list by this middle week day and it started with laundering towels and some reading while I waited for that but also some stores do not open until 9:30 AM which always irritates the heck out of me.  The morning is half gone by then as far as I'm concerned.  Because we are having a late summer heat wave I watered my flowers and went off to a number of sales in various places and got some good bargains today particularly bacon.  I went for the $4.99 offering and came home with 2 pkg of another brand for 2.49 each and perfect for the intended purpose of rendering it all down to use the lard for my next cornbread adventure.  Another place had Campbell's Tomato Soup for .57 each.  Off to the health food store for quinoa, couscous and low sodium chicken and beef stock.  I came home and carried in my own groceries this time.  It was time before supper to do another load so decided to do my bedding.  Isn't it wonderful to climb into a fresh bed?
THURSDAY--the morning went well and had a nice visit with a friend but the rest of the day and Friday and Saturday not so much.
SUNDAY--I was out for this morning and a stop at the grocery store is about all the excitement for me today unless the football game says otherwise.  It has been so crazy hot this week and it's still 31C near to 5 PM.  I can't seem to get myself out for a walk but by tomorrow they say it will be only be 16C and a very fast end to summer so I won't have any excuses anymore.  I do love the fall because it will be cool enough to use the oven and whittle down  a pile of recipes waiting for me on the counter.

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