Saturday, September 17, 2011


 FRIDAY--I wanted to just stay in bed today.  It's cloudy, cool and windy and I ached.  But I phoned a friend with whom I share aches and pains together in this kind of weather.  So I got some drive-thru coffee and sat with her in the living room enjoying the action of two small kittens.  Man they are crazy energetic little things and provide a lot of laughs.  By the end of the coffee and nearly two hours of confidential talk back and forth I left with both of us feeling upbeat.  There you go.....kittens and coffee to go make for an uplifting of spirits.  Of course the up lifting of spirits of the other sort would do the same but we stuck to coffee.
Afterwards I went to a local furniture store that also had a flower shop in one corner, to check out their supply of beds and chairs.  I left with a dozen gorgeous roses free gratis from Growers Direct  because, they told me, they could not sell 'last weeks flowers'.  WOW talk about being at the right place at the right time!  My day just gets better all the time!!!  What you see above is all that remains as I went back to my friend's place and gave her and her daughter who had come home for lunch, each a rose and continued around town and the nursing home until I was too tired to deliver any more.  It's amazing how one red rose can perk a person up and you get beautiful rewarding smiles.for your effort.  I got more joy this afternoon doing that tiny little gesture than anything I've done for a long time.  Giving IS better than receiving.
I'm trying to rest before I go out this evening for a special bi-annual meeting--if you notice me nodding off and drooling at some point poke me gently please.

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