Sunday, September 18, 2011


SATURDAY--I had a satisfying morning doing 2.5 hours of volunteer community service which I do every Saturday morning as a rule.
After lunch and a rest I delivered the last of the bouquet of roses that you saw in yesterday's picture, including the not-too-handsome vase, to my friend's mother, an 85-year old dear lady who has been battling health issues for a long time.  We had a nice little visit and  I was happy to see that she is up and around on her own today while her daughter went home to her own place to get some fresh clothes.  The whole family, including some adult grandchildren, had rallied around dear lady for the last month some even coming from South America where they reside temporarily.  While it was nice to see all of them  over the weeks as a testimony to the very close family ties in this family, it's also sad because of the emotional realities of why they were here in the first place.
I came home and found that the chicken I put in the oven hadn't been reduced to a crisp, I peeled and reduced the second 6-lb bag of apples to applesauce, cooked potatoes and veggies and had a great supper including some of the hot apples for desert.
SUNDAY--Just before I left my apartment building today I suddenly became aware of a lot of activity in and outside.  EMS had arrived, the gurney was on the sidewalk, there two emergency vehicles out there already and I heard sirens in the distance.  I'm glad I was able to escape out the back and down the alley so I didn't have to go around the huge fire truck that arrived as well.  As it turned out my friend's husband upstairs was taken to hospital and I've heard nothing since but did see that their second son had arrived from out of town.  I hope all goes well for him.
That about wraps up my week and a very much needed holiday is on the horizon and I'm aiming to leave Wednesday morning sometime after my dental appointment.  I've made my lists and cleaned out my vehicle today and tomorrow will start getting things together.  I am hoping to get some good pictures during my time away and will keep this blog busy with the adventures of the day.

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