Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Submerging Your Feet In Alcohol Will Not Get You Drunk--Danish Study

Research in the Christmas issue published on today explodes the Danish myth that it is possible to get drunk by submerging your feet in alcohol. The authors, led by Dr Peter Lommer Kristensen from the Hillerød Hospital in Denmark, say it was important that the myth underwent scientific scrutiny to prevent students wasting their time experimenting with this activity. Three adult volunteers took part in the study. None of them suffered from any chronic skin or liver disease and they were not addicted to alcohol or psychoactive drugs..."

Now why in the world would the medical community discourage a harmless myth that only allows students or other young people to waste their time and alcohol on their feet?  To me it makes perfect sense!~!  After all dont' they waste their time drinking anyway and with worse consequences than sitting around pickling their feet?

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