Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thirst Drives Person to Seek Relief

On my way to the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in July 2009, I stopped for a break and had a small lunch and a drink of water.  What I saw while I was there was absolutely mind boggling.

 If you look through the fence on the right you will see a red object which is a car that was about to be backed into the alley, out onto the street,  will turn right and park beside the silver car on the corner of the next block at the gas station. She drove to a building across the street!!!

About 5 minutes later the car comes back around the corner and into the spot where it is now in the picture.  I happened to be standing outside my vehicle and able to see the occupant emerge from the car, a young lady with a very large beverage in hand reminiscent of a slurpy. 

She walked up to the door on the slanted roof addition and found the door to be locked.  She then had to walk around to the FRONT of her building and presumably went in through the front door!~! 

Now don't that beat all? She could have saved a lot of time and fuel emissions if she would have only walked out the front door in the first place.  I guess thirst makes people do funny things.

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