Monday, November 29, 2010

The Wednesday Dumpster--A Week's Worth of Odds and Ends

  1. Here is the link to the article that said that before 2000 there were no reports of bedbugs in Canada by a very qualified spokesman.  Included is a very smart way to handle contaminated items if an infestation should happen to you.
  2. Oldest Eagle Documented in article by Randy Boswell Postmedia in part says that a dead  bird found on a New Brunswick highway earlier this
    year turned out to be no ordinary road kill specimen.  The age was pegged at 32 years, 10 months and suggests habitat rehab efforts and conservation measures are giving the species a better chance than they had 40 years ago.  Several reports of eagles reaching ages of 29 to 32--plus suggests the populations are responding well.
  3. Cancer research  article by Brian Cross Postmedia News: A Promising and Dandy Idea  which tells about an extract from dandelion roots dug out of lawns by a U of Windsor scientist and students that they say make cancer cells "cells commint suicide." First printed in the Windsor Star.                                                                                                  Yippee it would certainly would make all of us LOVE dandelions.
  4. Weight Watchers Point System Overhaul:  Stephanie Rost, corporate program development director of Weight Watchers sai d the new system takes into consideration how the body has to work harder to convert protein and fiber than it would for fats and carbohydrates.  It also considered how some foods feel more filling than others.  While creating a deficit of calories is what causes the weight loss, nutrients also make a difference, Kovach said.
    Fruits and vegetables will carry zero Points, to encourage people to eat more of them.
    “Fruits and vegetables are good and healthy from the weight loss perspective, but at the same time, most Americans fall quite short of intake of these foods.”

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