Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Letter from My Grandmother to Alex

                                                                                                                                                          FRIDAY DECEMBER 3                                                                  

This letter was sent to me by the granddaughter mentioned in yesterday's blog and typed from the original.  This is what Alice wrote to her brother Alex,  page 5:

Hearts right with God and live accordingly.  I would be pleased if there was another (?7) as long as his will be done.  "Soon the _____will come."  Come up higher and Bless his dear name for the blessed privilege of being able to answer by the blood shed on the cross.  I'm ready, Praise his name and remember dear Alex I firmly believe it was through your godly example when I was so young and the effects of the hymns I use to sing when only a babe on the back of your chair.  Praise God for the seed thus sown (?in) it was to _____so early as it did and is still bearing sheaves for our master.  Pray for me and mine.  Oh, how I wish I was able to have dear old dada with me in comfort these last yrs of his but I guess it would impossible for him to bear the moving a ____  ____boys, but I hope soon to be able to send him something to help him along.  Hoping to hear from you all soon I will send you the sale ad.  Your place and if you should happen to give to someone that might be the purchaser son will get the commission.

Alex was 15 years older than Alice and this letter was written around the same time their father George had written his letter in 1927.  By this time my grandparents had been in Saskatchewan about 6 years and now had 7 children.  Alice has cancer by this time.   The sale she spoke of must have been just prior to their move to Winnipeg.  Great grandfather George died two years after he wrote yesterday's letter.

I missed the deadline for my blog Friday because I had a unusual day.  I started with my doctor's app't in the morning and instead of coming home with the one Rx I went for I came with two more.  I had brought to her attention two others things that were bothering me and both needed treatment.  I went home for lunch but a good friend descended upon me with her vacuum cleaner and an offer I couldn't refuse concerning a recipe I wanted her to make for me.  I ate lunch at 1 PM.  No problem.  At 2:30 PM she returned to have tea and partake of same said recipe.  Then another friend who lives upstairs dropped in and she joined us briefly.  At 4 PM I was alone!!  But not for long.  At 6 PM, when the news was on, a young friend dropped in on a prearranged app't to pick up something.  As it turned out I didn't have the item ready but invited her in anyway.  She left at 11 PM.  
As I go to bed with my supper dishes languishing in the kitchen and with my backside numb as a plank I can be very thankful for the gifts in friends, young and not so young.        I will sleep with a peaceful and thankful heart and say I had a good day.

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