Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Father's Letter to his son in 1927

This original text of a letter that was typed by George Washington May, born and raised in Kentucky and sent to me by one of two still living grandchildren who reside in Oklahoma.  The fact that there is still such a close connection to someone who was born in 1849 still amazes me*.  He moved Topish Washington USA after leaving Canada and this was his last place of residence.     I typed the letter as is with no corrections.

*A word of explanation: Alex's second marriage was to a women 36 years younger than he was which is why this is possible!  

My dear sun i got your letter yesterday and was very sory for you in dead for I have bin a long the same line and i know wel and what it is to be left in that fix but i was glad to know that you was doing well and was very glad to get the $Ten dollars but i will make it better with a letter help and i was so thankful to you for the help that you have game me at this time and i do with you all of the good luckey unles i could sel a half acre of land that i have now alex these few lines leaves us as wel as comon and i hopes to the rest of the buoys when i rote you and i have not herd from none of them yet but i hope that o will here from them sune now i want to thank  you once more for the check that you sent me is my praye now i went to yakima yesterday and it a bout twenty five miles and back hald me a load of wood and to tend to some other buisness i have got a nice pony and bugy and wagon and that is all i have got in stock now i will close for thime time with love to you Mr G W May Topish Wash

It has the feeling of a heavy sadness of the time and no doubt being separated from half his family for many years was deeply felt by father and son.  I feel honored to be able to tap into a tiny moment in time by words penned by my great great grandfather...

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