Monday, December 27, 2010


'Virtual biopsy' may detect athletes' brain injury

Football season in North America is nearly over for another season but the long lasting effects from on-field hits, legal or otherwise, will span decades and likely be debated for that long.  No matter whether it's a sport,  car accidents or any head injuries this idea is long past due.

If this procedure is indeed as promising as it looks we can only hope that it might save the lives of many athletes.  It could also prevent violent behaviors that arise because of undetected brain damage that lead to spousal abuse and even death.   It could even reduce progressive brain diseases such as early onset Alzheimer's that greatly affects the quality of life of so many.

Until something is written in stone that would give a dedicated sports player an acceptable way to save face (interchange manhood here), thus enabling him to sit on the sidelines without question will go far to reduce the tragedies that is seen far too often on and off the playing field.

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