Friday, February 3, 2012


 Recently I had a rather bad experience with red wine only due to my inexperience and a slight splash of inattention.  I do not like red wine to begin with because to my palate it tastes like vinegar.  I am thinking today that because I have a sweet tooth perhaps I just haven't found the red wine for me so I went on the search after watching another wine recipe at Chef At Home on the Canadian Food Network.  I love Michael and his no nonsense approach to cooking.  I got into trouble with the aforementioned bad experience in two ways.  First I had no idea about what I was buying ( he said a bold Zinfandel) and subsequently relied on the staff in our government-run purveyor of alcohol called the Liquor Board Store aka LBS. Second I followed his directions instead of my own instincts and dumped in the whole bottle.  Later I fished out the meat and a few vegetables and discarded the very, very dark and strong liquid.
Today I went researching Zinfandel wines and found a fascinating and very informative web site which will educate and assist me in making better choices the next time I go to legal bootlegger store aka LBS.
 On the Zinfandel page I clicked on Pinot Noir and there it gives the comparisons to the other types which I think will be very helpful to me.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Public Health Burden Could Be Eased By Societal Control Of Sugar

Public Health Burden Could Be Eased By Societal Control Of Sugar diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Non-communicable diseases now pose a greater health burden worldwide than infectious diseases, according to the United Nations. In the United States, 75 percent of health care dollars are spent treating the diseases diabetes, cancer, and heart disease and their associated disabilities.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 According to USGS a government web site that tracks earthquakes globally, it's in Manitoba!!

Unless MB invaded us overnight without my knowledge or permission the earthquake clearly happened in this province. 

Too Much Testosterone Linked to Inflated Ego: Study

Too Much Testosterone Linked to Inflated Ego: Study