Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bedbugs-- A 21st Century Plague

You will notice that I did not include the disgusting photo that comes along with most comments on bedbugs, more for my sake than yours.  Yechhhh.  Years ago when I was a very little girl my mother was invited to stay at a long-lost cousin's farm after a reunion B-B-Q.  We both woke up itching and scratching.  Needless to say we did not take a second night's lodging. 
A few days ago I read an article about the dramatic increase of bedbugs in Canada since the year 2000 but have been unable to find it anywhere.  It said that there were no infestations reported in Canada prior to that 2000 but that it has climbed to epidemic proportions in the decade since.  Other reports cite reasons for the increases such as the ban on DDT, recent changes in allowable pesticides in Canada and increased international travel. Stats on immigration do not seem to point the blame there though.
    An article in the Leader Post recently quoted the manager of a pest control service as saying "If you were to go to New York City and stay in a hotel right now, I'd give you a 90-per-cent guarantee that you're going to bring bed bugs home."  He went on to say that this is an emerging problem for Saskatchewan and this year is the worst bed bug year he's ever seen in Regina and he's been in the business for 25 years.
So brace yourself folks, if you think having your kids come home with lice was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
   On the positive side?  EVERYONE will have them!  The stigma will be gone and no one will have to be afraid to use their normal voice when phoning the exterminator.  If indeed this is trending it's also a job opportunity.... go ahead and enroll in Pest Control School so that you are yours will be able to sleep better at night for years to come.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Death of Television

The television industry is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.  They are self destructing.  First of all there is the absence of intellectual television programs anymore if indeed there ever were any. It’s becoming a vast wasteland.  Anytime I turn the television on there is always a commercial running, it never fails.  Not only that but there is a conspiracy among the networks to run them all at the same time so that no matter which channel you turn to there is a commercial on. Who would come up with such a dunder-headed idea?  Do they really think that I or anyone else will turn away from one commercial just to tune into another one and another one ad nauseum??  That line of reasoning doesn’t work for me.  I change it to music, the Classic Movies or radio but mostly I turn on the computer.   
 Advertising has taken over to such a degree that this vehicle which we once  for used entertainment and diversion has become a virtual store front window.  At one time when you watched a program it was occasionally interrupted by advertising.  Now you watch advertising which is occasionally interrupted by programs!  It’s gone so far that dilution of content is to the point of non substance or perhaps that is what is meant by the law of diminishing returns.  It’s the death knell.
 I turn on the laptop in the mornings to get my quiet news fix SANS the latest in vacuum cleaners, futuristic cars, magical anti-aging potions and every techies dream gadget of the month.  Nor do I miss the often violent and always loud promos for whatever programming might be left.  It’s becoming a waste of money.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Snow Grows

The tree stump is wearing a mighty tall hall these days.  It started snowing again after supper and it's looking like winter will be very long and very white.  I don't mind because I don't have to shovel or even clean off my car thanks to the landlord and an upstairs neighbor with an abundance of energy.  I'd really like to get out and get some really good snow pictures but that will have to wait for a few days.  So for now I am shooting through the windows which I hope are reasonably clean.

Why November?

For three Novembers in a row I have fractured a bone.  How odd is that considering there does not seem to be any common denominators…. except my bones I perhaps.  I think I have figured it out though.  It's because every November we have a cold snap.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Fall Winter

I'm already tired of the late so-called fall season as we are in our 4th snowstorm of the month.  We were very spoiled last year with little snow and moderate temperatures proved by the fact that I only had to plug in 3 or 4 times.  I have not been out since last Thursday partly because of the weather but not entirely.  I had some drugs delivered ones I can assure you, and the first time I have ever had to ask the drugstore to do so.  It's a nice service if you need it and so is the Co-op food store delivery which keeps us alive so we can order more drugs.

My Weekend

Ahh yes the joys of winter!~!  I had power probs on the weekend when I was washing clothes.  During the 2nd load I realized I could no longer hear the wash cycle and went up to the laundry room and no power in there or in the hallway.  So I had to ph the landlord which stretched out my laundry day somewhat.  Later that day around supper time I went out of my suite on my way to my freezer just a few steps down into what I call the 'sump pump room' (at least I got to keep it whe I moved in lol) and lo and behold it was totally dark in the hallway!  So another ph call.  On heatFreezingin my place or anyone else's..........a 3rd ph now I'm sure my rent is going up just because Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing.....anyway it was the motor and he had to call out an electricianDisappointed smile.  It's amazing how so many things can go wrong in the space of a very short time.
BTW the cause of the 2nd pwr prob was the timer.  Now why that's interesting is that when the fire inspector made his annual inspection he asked me why there were no lights in the hallway.........I told him Xxxx has it on a timer.  He said "Oh that's against fire regulations and will inform the fire marshall and he will be sent a notice."........obviously either Xxxx can't read or he didn't get it yet.....oh well it's only been 3 months since inspection.Eye-rolling smile.
Here's a tip on a flashlight a rechargeable that is always plugged in and that will come on when the power goes off.  It could save you a fall down the stairs or at the least some banged up shins.  Try Canadian Tire I saw one recently advertised that was nice and compact and reasonably priced.  No more battery worries.
We are working on our 4th major snow storm of the MONTH!!!!
BBFN and put another log on the fire!!!
Snowed under

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hidden TIFSAs

Now here's another interesting 'Big Business Save Our Bottom Line'  idea.  I got this rude awakening  from the TD bank.  Never expect any investment arm to look out for your meager little account by telling you how about any new type of investment vehicle that could make a huge difference in your savings.  Why would they?  Granted the new TIFSAs are in their infancy but we are well along past being new.  I had to get my fiscal education from a newspaper that there is a TIFSA for registered funds.  A newspaper!  What is that all about?

Celcius Wimps

Is it just me or or are people stampeding out to plug in their cars at -15C while thinking in Fahrenheit???  That is minus 20 NOT 15 below!~! It is not even below zero F until -19C my friends.  yMy neighbor had her car plugged in the other day when it was -10C and a friend phoned me yesterday and the first words out of her mouth was "IT'S 20 BELOW !!"   I guess by now you have guessed the age group of the crowd I hang with........well I don't choose your friends do I??............ I guess they could be called the "Fahrenheit Generation".  I think it's the biggest misinformation conspiracy since someone tried to tell me that my ancestors lived in trees.  Power companies are just having a free for all and not in any hurry at all to help my senior friends save any nickels and  that's sure.