Friday, December 10, 2010


Quite often Mr Petrie's daily offering puts me in stitches and November 10/10 was no exception.  He was musing about the ongoing and falrly even split in this province over DST.  We do not subscribe to change easily in this province never having changed from CST that I know of.  We stubbornly ignore the clamor and with noses in the air we get on with our own dark lives. 

I give you Mr Petrie:

   Did you know that daylight in southern Saskatchewan and in northern Saskatchewan is of equal length only twice a year?  Indeed, on the day I write this, Estevan will have 9 hours and 28 minutes (9:28) between sunrise and sunset; Regina 9:21; Saskatoon 9:11, and Prince Albert, 9:03.  How unfair is that?  Clearly we need some sort of daily north-south modification to Saskatchewan time, an adjustment gradually phase in and out over summer and winter, for pausing our clocks at noon so that we'll all have the exact same amount of daylight every day of the year.
   SLDET: Saskatchewan Latitudinal Daylight Equalization Time.
   I can't imagine it being the least bit controversial or confusing.

He just might have something there~!

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