Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just when you think you've heard everything along comes an article like the one I read recently by Jason Warick Saskatchewan News Network December 31, 2010......

Apparently our lovely northern city of Saskatoon suffered some labour problems last week and not of the maternal type awaiting the New Year's baby.  During the week between Christmas and the New Year, 1,800 homes and businesses went undelivered due to many employees on vacation, a flu bug and ongoing staff shortages.
   "Even though wages for a new letter carrier start at more than $23 per hour, plus a benefits package, Saskatchewan's hot economy has made recruitment of new workers difficult", says  Canada Post spokeswoman Teresa Williams.

   I can understand the flu but in my estimation vacation should not be a problem at any holiday time and if it is, it's not the worker's fault it is the fault of management and poor scheduling. 
   Saskatchewan's minimum wage is $9.25.  Who in their right mind would prefer to work for $9.25 instead of $23?.  Are Saskatchewan residents becoming 'wage snobs' now that prosperity has visited us for the first time ever?  Or is it just old fashioned greed rearing it's ugly head? 

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