Saturday, January 15, 2011

Genealogy Quotes

Genealogy begins as an interest,
Becomes a hobby,
Continues as an avocation,
Takes over as an obsession,
And in its last stages,
Is an incurable disease.

That is my favorite expression about genealogy and describes exactly what happens when one embarks on this journey. 

The first thing one learns is how to spell the word genealogy and the next thing is to learn is that there are Laws of Genealogy and here are a few:

  1. The document containing evidence of the missing link in your research invariably will be lost due to fire, flood, or war.
  2. Your great, great grandfather's obituary states that he died leaving NO issue of record.
  3. The will you need is in the safe on board the "Titanic."
  4. That ancient photo of four relatives, one of whom is your progenitor, carries the names of the other three.
Some good one-liners:

My ancestors must be in a Witness Protection Plan.
How can ONE ancestor cause so much trouble?
Genealogist are Time Unravelers.
A Pack Rat is hard to live with, but makes a Fine Ancestor.
Only a Genealogist regards a step backwards as Progress.
It is an unusual family that hath neither a Lady of the Evening or a Thief.
Many a Family Tree needs pruning.
SHH!  Be very, very quiet, I'm hunting forebears.
Genealogist live life in the Past Lane.
Genealogy--chasing your own tale!
Genealogy is not fatal--but it is a grave disease.
Old Genealogists never die--they just lose their census.


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