Friday, January 28, 2011

My Sticky Notes of Odds and Ends

Every so often I find I have accumulated a few things that are too short by themselves but together fill up a page and so it makes me think I have actually accomplished something today.

Many jockeys are severely injured every year as a result of their career choices and monies are raised by members of their own and their families and set up in various funds.  Perhaps this one could have been worded a bit differently called 'The Permanently Disabled Jockey's Club' ...... it sounds like you could be contributing to a permanently disabled jockey's club......

Commenting on a new Nicolas Cage movie a report from Southland, calls 'Season Of The Witch' a profound surprise.  Not because it's all that good, or all that smart it went on to say, but because this movie is set during the late Crusades and has the guts to lance one of the bigger boils on the face of organized religion--killing in the name of God.  An interesting turn of phrase to say the least!

There was an interesting piece yesterday in the sports section with the headline 'GRETZKY'S TRADE TO THE KINGS WAS NO SUDDEN MOVE'.  During the 1974-75 NHL season reporter Red Fisher heard a rumor numerous times from various sources that there was a trade going down.  He had a gut feeling that there was truth to it and wrote it up in 650 words in June and filed it away despite repeated reassurances from his closest friends Glen Sather and owner Peter Pocklington that the reports were 'ridiculous'.  In August it was with exactly the same details he wrote up in June.  With friends like that who needs enemies?  He was robbed of the sports story of the year maybe of the decade.....

A recent ad and one I've heard on TV a number of times says .......'Tell your doctor what medications you are on.' 
Am I missing something here or do a lot of people have more than one primary care doctor?  Yes, if you saw a doctor in the ER or when you on vacation I should think most people would tell their doctor about it in particular if you were given a prescription other than a very short term one or have a condition that you need to tell your doctor about.   Common sense I would say.  A specialist and your doctor communicate well in my experience and I would hazard a guess here that all doctors have computers now days and unless yours is a witch doctor in the bush somewhere your records are easily available when you see your doctor.   However I have heard rumors that witch doctors are opting for the IPad now days so no problem there either......

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