Thursday, February 10, 2011

CSIS employees told to keep clothing under wraps - CTV News

CSIS employees told to keep clothing under wraps - CTV News

I ran across this article which included the insignia of CSIS which the members are strongly encouraged not to wear in public.  It also goes on to say that the majority of Canadians do not recognize the crest........well!!!..... this public revelation certainly has helped to keep it under wraps!~!

The Canadian Press
Date: Monday Feb. 7, 2011 6:50 AM ET
OTTAWA — Canadian spies are being warned not to wear their loyalty on their sleeve -- or their wrist or lapel.
The hush-hush reminder to employees of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service advises keeping polo shirts, watches and pins emblazoned with the distinctive CSIS crest away from curious eyes.
The items are sold in a secret shop tucked away on the lower level of CSIS headquarters in Ottawa, and made available to employees posted elsewhere through the agency's online memorabilia catalogue.
The souvenirs -- which also include hoodies, key chains, mugs, pens and plaques -- offer members of the intelligence service "a tangible sense of belonging to the organization," says an internal CSIS article obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.
But in keeping with CSIS policy, it seems the stylish spy must be careful to keep the merchandise undercover.
"Although the clothing does not display the Service's acronym, it does feature the emblem," says the October 2010 publication, parts of which remain classified.
"Some may argue that the majority of Canadian citizens do not recognize our crest, but given the Internet and the Service's increasing media presence, the public is gaining awareness of its symbolism," the article notes.
"The policy essentially states that employees should exercise discretion in disclosing employment outside the work environment. Furthermore, employees working in (deleted from document) must be particularly vigilant in concealing their employer or any association with CSIS."
Agency spokeswoman Isabelle Scott bought a fleece sweater with the CSIS crest, which features a blue palisade -- or defensive wall -- edged with gold, a red maple leaf and royal crown.
"It is true that for security reasons, CSIS employees are taught to be discreet about their place of employment -- so that means we need to exercise judgment about how we use the memorabilia items," she said.

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