Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Scientists have found that all forms of life have an internal mechanism that controls their 24-hour clock.  The findings were published in the January issue of Nature saying that it could shed important insight into health-related problems to people such as nurses, pilots and other shift workers whose body clocks are disrupted.

The implications for health care are tantalizing because what is known is that disrupted clocks are associated with diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.  Sleep disruption is also associated with mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder.

A 24-hour clock had been found previously in marine algae, which also lacks DNA, and shows that body clocks are an ancient mechanisms and have been around for a long time.

Andrew Millar of Ediburgh University stated "They must be far more important and sophisticated than we previously realized."   He added that more research was now need to determine how and why these clocks developed in people, and what role they lay in controlling our bodies.

There sure is a lot of 'assuming' in science and certainly many unknowns in the scientific community.  Because almost all scientists depend wholly on a 'theory' is it any wonder they cannot figure out the why's and where fors?  They just cannot swallow the bitter pill that the things they study and desire to understand so desperately had a Designer.  Maybe it's because they would not then have a job as most of the answers would be self evident, the mystery would be gone, they would have a lot less 'figuring out' to do but I dare say a lot of more assuming of responsibility for denying God the glory, the honor and the power by right of His Creatorship.

Humans were never meant to work in jobs that disrupt the circadian rhythm.

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