Thursday, March 17, 2011


Animal Welfare Groups Race To Save  Abandoned Japanese Pets 

I've never been more disgusted than when I read that headline today!Do they think that people without food, water, electricity, shelter and medical aid really care about the lives of animals at this point in time? 

Are these groups really going to feed and water and shelter animals instead of humans?  It is a sad day if indeed this IS the day that animals have become more important than people.

This is a serious moral lapse, it is misguided sentimentality and it is misplaced 'welfare'.  People who support organizations like this need to rethink their priorities. 

Taxpayers don't want their hard earned money to be squandered at a time that history may well be marked by this day as the worst humanitarian disaster of all times. 

I can think of 100 things to do with that the money, time and effort and not one of them has to do with animals. 

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