Friday, May 27, 2011


What else is there to do on a wet, windy, cold day?  This pantry has been on my mind for some time and decided that this was the day.  See that Folger's coffee there on the second shelf?  I did not know I had it until I rearranged the floor space under the pots and pans there.  That has saved me at least $8 which reinforces the idea that being organized saves not only time but money as well.....Uh huh, I'll try to remember that.    Don't you love my little pink clothes dryer?  It sure comes in handy for the odd J cloth, dishtowel and various other items that need air drying but which shall remain anonymous.
The sun came out this afternoon for a couple of hours and I did manage to get a walk in but it was very cool at 11 degrees C and I'm pretty sure it was more like 20 minutes rather than the 30 I want to do daily.  Otherwise I busied myself in a culinary experimentation which we shall not discuss, sometimes you win sometimes you lose.  I hate losing.  I read a fair bit then went over to the nursing home to share this week's worth of pictures with my friend Margaret.  She keeps busy crocheting baby blankets for her grandchildren and was doing a beautiful soft pink blanket with silver threads in it, it was gorgeous.  The conversation is mostly one way as she has some speech problems which frustrates her so much.  It's challenging for both of us.  No matter how bad we might feel in our own circumstances there are so many much worse off than we are and I came home and counted my blessings.  One of those blessings brought my street shoes back today that I had forgotten at her place last evening because I wore my house shoes home.  Now I had to clean them to wear inside was a rainy day so what else was there to do?

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