Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today is quite a contrast from yesterday's high energy level.  Because it has been raining steadily since yesterday afternoon I woke up achy and sluggish which has lasted all day. 
But I laughed at the rain today as I got groceries in the morning and mid afternoon I put on my long raincoat and went walking in it.  I love doing that.  Scientists do not recognize that weather has anything to do with arthritis because they do not have any empirical knowledge, which for us the unlettered and ordinary, just means there is no proof.  Can millions of suffering people be wrong?  The difficulty is that is does not afflict everyone at the same time nor does happen every time to individuals.  Not that I'm leaving the Super Brights off the hook but they should be, and likely are, searching the many layers and complexities of the environment and human biology and have yet to find one iota of causation.  Ah well, perhaps it will keep them humble.

The ants were right.

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