Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is a picture taken through my dirty window of our parking lot behind the apartment and I see that today most of the cars are back in their designated spots.  For the better part of the year this is the way it looks but in the spring most of us have to park on the street or drive around for 24 hours a day for 3-4 weeks. Just so you don't feel that sorry for me I park on concrete beside the building that the landlord uses when he comes to see if we want gravel ( that will make sense in a minute).......  The driveway is a bit difficult to get in and out of because the exit ramp actually belongs to the neighbor which means a little wiggling has to go on to back out not to mention avoiding their garbage container that they put out every Tuesday so the others here choose not to park there which is just fine with me.
 Very early in the spring it's too wet because our landlord is a miser (told you it would sense) and won't put enough gravel down so we could reasonably keep the insides of our cars clean so this has been going on for more than 6 weeks.  Come to think of it he has never added any gravel since I moved here early in 2009 , but I digress.  Even though we've had a lot of rain this month we could have parked easily enough if it weren't for the horrible trees we have to park under or beside that shed sticky pods that damages the paint on cars and also makes permanent yellow stains and stickiness on the linoleum when tracked in.  There are two drivers that choose to cover their cars with various types of tarps and at time blankets and sheets which makes it just about as colorful and interesting as the clothesline.......that's sarcasm for those who missed it.
 Now all I have to remember is to go out the BACK door again instead of the the front because it is rather undignified to climb over the fence in front of the driveway....and the neighbors I might add.
 And you think I have an easy life!

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