Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just down the avenue within walking distance is a yard that I've taken lots of pictures of this year and shared many of them with you.  This morning I wanted to walk in the cool morning somewhere other than my neighborhood for a change but also wanted to stop at this yard again to get a certain picture.  As I pulled up I saw a lady very busy caring for an area in the front yard and saw an  opportunity to have a chat with her about her yard.  I was to end up with much more than I planned and less the picture I went for!
I First I thanked her for providing me with free pictures and none of the effort that she obviously puts into it.  So as she showed me around and told me how she sandwiched in veggies in places one wouldn't imagine, told me of the great bounty they enjoyed out came the Mr with the mister to water right where I planned to get my morning picture.  So rather than have a long lime green 'snake' in front of it I have deferred it until tomorrow morning.  He seemed very pleased that I stopped even thanking me for telling his wife that I appreciated their yard and hard work.  He then very kindly invited me to come and weed anytime.
She then joined us with this beautiful head of Boston Bib lettuce that was grown on the south side of the house and was one of 20 already harvested and given away.  It was such generous and wonderful gift!   The lettuce is grown in front of three huge tomato plants which she told me that last year one of her tomato plants produced 85 tomatoes!
I got a tour of their lovely back yard and managed to get the above shot of beautiful white lillies basking in the early morning light while getting an education about her cucumber 'tree' which I'll show you tomorrow hopefully along with my sought after picture but I might have to get up earlier than the Mr with his mister.  I soon got on my way for my walk but not before driving home to put my prized green gift in the fridge.

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