Friday, September 16, 2011


I've decided to post this today because this week already seems to be a lengthy read and I do not wish to bore you more than necessary.

MONDAY--My visit to the doctor this morning was helpful and I came away with some new ideas and dashed a few old ones as well.  I always learn something from her and it's great to be able to have a trusting relationship with you MD.  However it did lead to a trip to my local pharmacy and then to the ER.
As I was about to check in at the desk a very emaciated looking young woman wandered around the corner from the direction of the ER obviously in some kind of abdominal pain by the moaning and and bent over stature while waiting in between me and the lady who was already seated.  When the seat was vacant she sat down and I overheard her tell the receptionist that she was told by ER that she had to wait until her doctor was contacted before her request for an injection of pain killer could be given.  So she waited across from me in the waiting room with a lot of moaning and rocking while her male companion hid behind a coffee row paper trying to ignore her.  Soon she got up and went into the bathroom making very loud monotone wretching noises.  I've never heard such controlled wretching noises in my whole life.  While that was going on I overheard the desk receive an ambulance call that was 2 minutes away and an elderly man having breathing difficulties nearly ran over my toe with his rolling walker.  Putting all these things together and coming up with a long wait ahead of me I told the desk I'd return in an hour hopefully things would be much quieter by and went home.
It was indeed quieter an hour later, I got in within 10 minutes, received what I went in for and was home in much better time than if I hand hung around for the unfolding events.
TUESDAY--I made cookies--it was a good day.  I started to sort out the summer clothes I won't likely use again this year and replace the with cool weather duds. There is a frost warning tonight and when I went out for a couple of hours this evening I believe it.
WEDNESDAY--It's -3C and I will welcome the warm laundry room this morning.  Three loads and a hundred stairs later and there went the morning.  I had a few things to do downtown and after lunch I went to the post office, had my news glasses readjusted AGAIN..... she said I had a screw loose and after I thought that over I decided she must be talking about the glasses.  Then I ran the car through the automatic car wash and finally to the grocery store, picked out my groceries for delivery and was home before 2:30.  Apples were on sale which only means work!  I peeled and pared and sliced up one bag, threw it into the oven and being very very hungry I went out for an A&W cheeseburger [hold the cheese] because the cheeseburger had the root beer AND the fries where as the other coupon offerings didn't.  So I got what I wanted anyway on the cheap:D.  At home I pulled out the apples-near-sauce and had desert.  Later when it cooled down I pureed them, packaged them and froze all 7 cups.  I'm happy.
THURSDAY--It should be a quieter day........we'll see.
I was to have met a friend for our weekly visit to a friend at 9:40 AM this morning but due to a misunderstanding on BOTH our parts she failed to show.  I went for the visit anyway thinking she had been kidnapped, fallen into a sink hole, had a family crisis or a car accident.  Obviously it was none of those and when we talked later we both had a good laugh over it.  But something interesting did come out of it though.  While I was waiting in the lobby of the apartment for her I joined by a man that we waved at and said hello to every Thursday while he was waiting for his ride to get groceries.  I found out his name is Morley, with an e or without he didn't say.  As we chatted the inevitable subject that comes around is the effects of the aging process we all undergo.  He was more than willing to share and I wished my friend would hurry up!  He talked about the death of his mother in 1982 and stated that he had given her "great send off" because he buried her in a steel casket for $10,000.  I asked why he thought that was necessary and he said and I quote, "To keep her longer."  I thought about that for a minute and I asked the only intelligent question there could be to that statement "Why?" and he said matter-of-factly and without pause, "I don't know".  I'm not sure what I expected the answer might be but I thought it rather sad for him that he may have been duped and led to believe that.  I didn't think he would want me to go into a discourse on just how fast that natural forces occur in a steel box or not.  I excused myself and went to my appointment.
In the afternoon I took my car in for it's 5,000 k service and to deal with a problem I'm having with the brakes in reverse.  When I try to slow down they are as hard as a rock, unresponsive until I pump them hard.  It's happened three times over the last year and a bit scary every time.  They said they couldn't 'see' anything.  Hmmm. Well I made sure the it was fully documented in case I get into an accident sometime.
I had sometime to rest in between taking it in and getting it back before I had to get ready for my Thursday evening friends group.
The whole day was not as quiet as I'd like it to have been but everyone left at 9 PM then it was really, really quiet.

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