Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You Just Can't 'Beet' This

This is a favorite 'around the house' shirt I wear often, it's baggy and soft and yet acceptable to answer the door in.  Last week as I finished up the fresh beets my friend gave me I happened to be wearing it and so to being very careful at suppertime I spread a napkin down the front.  All went very well I must say not even dropping a tiny bit on the napkin. 
The trouble began however when I put the dish into the sink and trying to rinse it I turned on the tap just a might too hard and 'SWOOOSH' !!  I swear every little red piece projected itself directly at me dotting the left side and sleeve with soon to be unpretty little dark pink spots.  I figured right there and then all was lost, wore until bedtime and left it to moulder all alone in the dark until today.  I had guilt feelings about it in the past 4 days thinking I should have at least tried to wash it out while it was fresh, oh well. 
Today as a last ditch effort I sprayed it with an old and trusted friend Shout and waited with unabated breath for the results. 
I show you with happiness and joy that I can still wear my baby blue shirt in public.  I hung it back lit for you to see that there are no, none, zip, and zilch spots of pink!~!

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