Friday, February 3, 2012


 Recently I had a rather bad experience with red wine only due to my inexperience and a slight splash of inattention.  I do not like red wine to begin with because to my palate it tastes like vinegar.  I am thinking today that because I have a sweet tooth perhaps I just haven't found the red wine for me so I went on the search after watching another wine recipe at Chef At Home on the Canadian Food Network.  I love Michael and his no nonsense approach to cooking.  I got into trouble with the aforementioned bad experience in two ways.  First I had no idea about what I was buying ( he said a bold Zinfandel) and subsequently relied on the staff in our government-run purveyor of alcohol called the Liquor Board Store aka LBS. Second I followed his directions instead of my own instincts and dumped in the whole bottle.  Later I fished out the meat and a few vegetables and discarded the very, very dark and strong liquid.
Today I went researching Zinfandel wines and found a fascinating and very informative web site which will educate and assist me in making better choices the next time I go to legal bootlegger store aka LBS.
 On the Zinfandel page I clicked on Pinot Noir and there it gives the comparisons to the other types which I think will be very helpful to me.

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