Friday, November 26, 2010

The Death of Television

The television industry is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.  They are self destructing.  First of all there is the absence of intellectual television programs anymore if indeed there ever were any. It’s becoming a vast wasteland.  Anytime I turn the television on there is always a commercial running, it never fails.  Not only that but there is a conspiracy among the networks to run them all at the same time so that no matter which channel you turn to there is a commercial on. Who would come up with such a dunder-headed idea?  Do they really think that I or anyone else will turn away from one commercial just to tune into another one and another one ad nauseum??  That line of reasoning doesn’t work for me.  I change it to music, the Classic Movies or radio but mostly I turn on the computer.   
 Advertising has taken over to such a degree that this vehicle which we once  for used entertainment and diversion has become a virtual store front window.  At one time when you watched a program it was occasionally interrupted by advertising.  Now you watch advertising which is occasionally interrupted by programs!  It’s gone so far that dilution of content is to the point of non substance or perhaps that is what is meant by the law of diminishing returns.  It’s the death knell.
 I turn on the laptop in the mornings to get my quiet news fix SANS the latest in vacuum cleaners, futuristic cars, magical anti-aging potions and every techies dream gadget of the month.  Nor do I miss the often violent and always loud promos for whatever programming might be left.  It’s becoming a waste of money.

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