Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Weekend

Ahh yes the joys of winter!~!  I had power probs on the weekend when I was washing clothes.  During the 2nd load I realized I could no longer hear the wash cycle and went up to the laundry room and no power in there or in the hallway.  So I had to ph the landlord which stretched out my laundry day somewhat.  Later that day around supper time I went out of my suite on my way to my freezer just a few steps down into what I call the 'sump pump room' (at least I got to keep it whe I moved in lol) and lo and behold it was totally dark in the hallway!  So another ph call.  On heatFreezingin my place or anyone else's..........a 3rd ph now I'm sure my rent is going up just because Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing.....anyway it was the motor and he had to call out an electricianDisappointed smile.  It's amazing how so many things can go wrong in the space of a very short time.
BTW the cause of the 2nd pwr prob was the timer.  Now why that's interesting is that when the fire inspector made his annual inspection he asked me why there were no lights in the hallway.........I told him Xxxx has it on a timer.  He said "Oh that's against fire regulations and will inform the fire marshall and he will be sent a notice."........obviously either Xxxx can't read or he didn't get it yet.....oh well it's only been 3 months since inspection.Eye-rolling smile.
Here's a tip on a flashlight a rechargeable that is always plugged in and that will come on when the power goes off.  It could save you a fall down the stairs or at the least some banged up shins.  Try Canadian Tire I saw one recently advertised that was nice and compact and reasonably priced.  No more battery worries.
We are working on our 4th major snow storm of the MONTH!!!!
BBFN and put another log on the fire!!!
Snowed under

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