Friday, January 21, 2011

Common Sense Starts With 'A'

I spilled candies all over the place just before I went to bed last night and said to my self 'tomorrow is another day.'  And so it was and so were the candies still on the coffee table in the morning.  Despite the loss of a few that ended up on the floor I gained a rather interesting picture don't you think?
Over the last few days I've been thinking about getting a different vacuum cleaner and maybe one with really good candy suction might be considered!  Anyway I was looking in the Sears spring edition and went to the index which always makes it so much easier than flipping endlessly through the book thinking you will find it any minute now......Right?  Wrong!  
Whatever happened to a never-fail listing method called alphabetization??? 
Did you know that nowadays the Sears catalogue index starts with.....'W"?....okaaaay.......but I'm looking for vacuum cleaners.  Oh, of course how stupid of's under 'M' for Major.....appliances that is.......I kid you not.  The catalogue list starts with 'W' and ends with 'S'.  The second last heading starts with 'P' and the one before that was again an 'S'.................their listing intelligence quotient just took a steep dive off a cliff.
Somehow wading through that onerous and formidable list of 26 letters was just too archaic or unsophiticated for the some of our educated persons who are in charge of lists.  Actually you'd only have to be slightly less than comatose and still be able to be able to use the A-Z list.  Even a 7 year old knows where the 'V' for vacuum cleaner would be in relation to the 'D' for dumb.

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