Friday, May 13, 2011

The City Trip

The trip to the city itself was uneventful.  It was the usual drive and there was not as much standing water as I had imagined that there would be which is a good thing. 
However, it was the overpass just before entering the city which had me reliving my life story in an instant. 
I was travelling over the interchange going North into the city when something ahead caught my eye.  I looked in disbelief as I saw an emerging truck pulling a large white boxy trailer was coming head on toward me!  I had plenty of time to get into the right lane of my side of the divided hightway while I was waving like a maniac and flashing my lights.  He was soon able to use a little dirt turnoff almost immediately which I'm sure was a relief to him as well.
I haven't really been unable to figure out just how he was able to do but he must have come up the exit ramp that I would have taken to go West.
That was scary to be sure but I was in for another jolt but not life threatening........or could it have been???
I was feeling the effects of caffeine withdrawal as it was after being on the road more than an hour and after the overpass incident decidely needed a fix so pulled into my favorite burger haunt the
A & W.
I was waited on by a bored Goth-like creature with blue hair.   Good thing I was already numbed by shock and fear.  I took my tray to the only sunny window available only to find it covered in crumbs and wet coffee rings.  Putting my tray aside I went to find something to wipe it with (secretly hoping they'd kindly do it for me as often they will do) and found myself once again looking at pastyface.  Well you probably guessed it by now but she just found me a blue wipe.....uh huh it was blue, with dark stains of unknown source or age.  Resignedly I wiped my own table thinking I should get a rebate.  I swear I saw millions of germs dancing in the sunlight....just briefly.... but I know they were there.   I did survive my lunch so I can't say the experience was too life threatening after all.  After all it's only been 24 hrs.........

*Disclaimer:  That is not the overpass I was on but I think it might have looked like that to a certain driver hauling a trailer.

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