Monday, May 9, 2011


Yeah okay so it finally happened, the inevitable demise of my 4 yr old computer which I've been whining about to friends for some time now.  It finally froze up solid.  It could have been cleaned up they tell me but I have opted for a new one.  Even the cheapest one is far better than what I had and the bonus is.... it weighs about half of the other one which is very good for me.  I've often wanted to take my computer to show pictures to friends and to the nursing home but as I am restricted as to how much weight I can carry and for how long.  A new one makes perfect sense.
So you are wondering just how I got the computer out to my car and to the fix-it-shop?  Well I have a small case on wheels with an extending handle just like on suitcases.  I slid the laptop into the case and then pulled it up 5 steps and out to the car.  So far so good and with no real lifting.  When I got to the car I put my left foot out (there's an old song in there somewhere lol) and under the case and using my leg muscles 'lifted' the entire case onto the floor of the back seat with a bit of directional movement using the handle. When I got to the shop I then proceeded to put my right foot out (here we go again) and did it in reverse doing no harm to my back.
This desktop computer I'm using in my office is in the same precarious situation and it's even older.  I haven't turned it off for ages as it does funny things when I try to start it up and does not like to be awakened out of hibernation or standby!
 I will get someone take it in for me because I certainly can't song and dance my way out of carrying this one.  I hope to get a few more miles out of it anyway.

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