Monday, July 4, 2011


This is what my back alley walk produced yesterday.  I love walking there because it's quiet and one hardly encounters any traffic at all.  But most of all I like to see what the neighbors don't generally want on show and it can be quite interesting at times.  There are a few very nice back yards to enjoy as well as being able to check on the progress of the gardens and any construction projects going on.

I bought a bed today, that was pretty exciting because I got ALL my pictures up on the two walls in there over the week end which I wanted to do before I shoe-horned a bed in there.  I've also decided to change my cable provider and so am looking forward to the 'cable guy' some day, some afternoon likely this month, seriously though I do know the date.
In the past 5 days I learned some shocking news that some close friends of mine are having some serious problems.  Two had heart attacks and one young lad had an accident that sent him to the burn unit.  Three things like that all at once is quite nerve wracking and on top of that also my son told me a friend of HIS had a heart attack!!!  I am hoping things will settle down quickly for all involved.

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