Friday, July 8, 2011


I rather like this picture I took in front of a nursing home a couple of years ago.  I spent most of today in nursing homes and hospitals visiting with friends that recently moved there and a an elderly man who went into hospital over the weekend and was able to report on his condition to his wife in the one the aforementioned homes.  Verna, a friend with pneumonia that I saw on Saturday went home today  and a fellow who had a heart attack will be home tomorrow from the city says his daughter when I delivered a card to their home.  If one feels sorry for their present problems there is nothing like taking a cheery card or some fruit to others who are much worse off than yourself.  Usually they are the ones that cheer YOU up and you come home feeling much better about yourself and circumstances.  There is always someone worse off than you are.
In less than a week I was able to visit with 7 sick and infirm friends.  While that may not be remarkable to most it is to me compared to the winter I spent virtually able to visit no one due to my problems and the awful winter.  I said to friends Al and Jo Anne that I want to go with them to Panama when they go down there for six months over the fall and winter as I'm sure that six months of warm weather would keep me productive.  But considering I'm slightly larger than a cat I don't not think they'll agree.

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