Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Friend's Frustration With UPS

Do you want to hear about my day?
Well you are going to anyways! lol
Get a cuppa something cause this is long. . .or rather I am long winded!

You may not know it but Hubby and I do a lot of shopping on line and get many deliveries to our home via courier service.
Unfortunately 3 out of 10 orders end up at the neighbors house! Thank goodness for a wonderful neighbor Rxxxxx who brings our parcels down the street to us.
My house number is 223. .. her house number is 233. She does NOT shop online.
Today about 9 am Rxxxxx found a note stuck to HER door from UPS notifying of a missed delivery. So she came and gave it to me.
I called the 1-800 number and they apologized, checked the order, noted that YES it was their mistake.
They would file a complaint about the driver. The customer service rep said the package would be delivered today.
About 15 minutes later I get a call from UPS. The woman tells me the driver said he tried to deliver it to the right address YESTERDAY without a response.
So . . . . ??? what . . . ???
Did He decide TODAY he would deliver it to the wrong address instead??? Good Grief!!!
I think he was just trying to defend himself. She assured me the driver would come tomorrow. . .to MY address.
I sarcastically said to her "To 223 ?" She said. . .er. . .yes. . .if that is your address.
Now I realize that delivery people are busy but come on!
Take the time to read the address!
It happened again!!!!
Rxxxxx called me at lunchtime saying another neighbor had called her at work to say she had seen the courier at her house with a package then left a notice on her door.
She is not expecting any packages so she phoned me and said for me to go down to see if the note had my name on. Sure enough.
And get this. . . its for the SAME package!!
Only this time it says SECOND attempt at delivery!

Are you serious ????????

There is no driver number or name on the ticket or else we could maybe get to the bottom of this more quickly.
So I called the 1-800 number again. The woman (named Diane) answered and I said "Oh you poor woman!"
She said excuse me?
I said I feel sorry for you because I am about to come unglued at you!!!
So I explained the situation all over again. Was put on hold, was told yes the address on the package is correct according to their records.
They don't know whats happening. She said I would again receive a follow up call in a few minutes and for certain before 5 o'clock
Well 5pm came and went and no phone call.
SO. . . I made a sign and went down to Rxxxxx's and taped it to her mailbox to help the driver out. It said and some of it was in bright red bold type too!"
This address is 233 NOT 223
We, the xxxxxx's live at 223
Please check your packages carefully!
I am tired of having to do your job by delivering them to the proper address!

Stay tuned. . .tomorrow is another day. . . .


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  1. In todays shopping experience there is nothing more frustrating than a lost package! Thank goodness for honest people willing to walk the extra block to help out!